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Elliott’s Driving School’s Approach to Driver training is somewhat different to most driving schools.

Before teaching people to drive on the road, I raced successfully in several national motorsport series, I was paid by other drivers to train them to be faster, helping several drivers go on to win their championships.

I quickly discovered that a huge amount of the skills required to go faster on the racetrack, can also be used to make drivers much safer on the road. These include:

Reading the road (drivers don’t deliberately have accidents – they do so because they don’t realise there’s a problem until it’s too late)

Understanding of weight transfer (It’s easy just to blame all accidents on speed – but on the track more often than not if a driver had a mishap he/she was going slower than I had successfully taken the bend.)

Proper steering techniques (Despite most people thinking you must feed the wheel when driving in order to pass your test, this is completely untrue and actually very very dangerous)

Feeling the information coming from the tyres

Improved spatial awareness


Having this extra knowledge and being able to pass it on to our customers gives Myself and my other instructors a great reputation for being able to train our customers well not just for the driving test, but for a safe future on the road.


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